The following columns are examples of applying knowledge of SY mismanagement. As ingrained conventional wisdom, SY redesign of forests isn't appreciated by the general public. Until recently the general public was ill informed about what was being done to forests in their name.

Why I Support Greenpeace - This is the shortest (you've endured far too much print already) of three versions of this article that appeared in the Vancouver Sun, The Record and Greenpeace Magazine.

Why B.C. Forestry Must Change - A longer overview of the need to change from SY management, changes not made in B.C. and a healthy industry in healthy forests in the future.

Just What Value Do We Place On Our Forests - B.C.'s liquidation -conversion forestry plan is converting forests to second growth plantations. Ecological economics is trying to quantify the value of natural systems to human economies. Is B.C. actually losing money in redesigning forests for timber sustainability?

Breakneck Beauty - What would logging look like in a roadless, non-fragmentating, non-SY forestry? This trade journal sci-fi story is an attempt to get people in the industry to play with this idea in preparation for the day when biodiversity and forest health is recognized as more important than business as usual.


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