Think you know everything about the illegal war in Iraq? For example, do you sort out the various oil reasons on a timeframe? or in order of importance to Americans? or of importance to Dick Cheney? What about premeditation? Damage to international relations?

Browse through the linked op-eds below for more perspectives and organized info on illegal war in Iraq.

Premeditated and Cynical: The Basic Story; Neocons, unilateralism, imperialism; and OJ

Escalating Regime Change; parallels with Vietnam

A New Report about Iraqis killed since the invasion: Moving on is impossible

Hubbert's Peak
: Afghanistan and Iraq as first steps in an endgame for oil

The Appeasement Speech Paul Martin Should Have Made (But Didn't Make) at the Summit of the Americas

OK, so there were no stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction

Consider Islam Karimov
- our friend the tyrant in the Great Game for oil

Excuses and motivation: Perle, Kennan, Jay Bookman, E.O. Wilson, Jared Diamond

Bertucci-Bush  Sometimes violence is within the rules - sometimes a crime

Anglo-democracy on trial; planetary coup d'etat

Lisa Martin's Multilateralism paper: the most serious damage of illegal war

Cowboy Justice: Do you want to live in a Hobbesian world?

But Fear Itself: nothing to fear but inability to comprehend

Impeachment Why an impeachment trial and not just an election is necessary

Martin to Bush: the PM tries to tell Americans the true story of Iraq

Spreading Stain investigating the abuse of Iraqis (shorter, perhaps better version)

Puppet Regime/Client State: sovereignty or military bases and a controlled economy   

What John Paul Should Have Told Bush: Pearl Harbor or the Sudetenland; Christian or cowboy?

Wilkie Iraq Putin evidence from Aussie whistleblower David Wilkie about intelligence of real Bush intentions in Iraq

A New World Disorder worst damage from illegal war in Iraq is in America's future

All The Truth  American media coverage of illegal war, esp the Washington Post

Terrorism:Empathy and Vision the tragedy at Beslan; Chechnya, Palestine, Iraq, Wilson's Bottleneck

"I'm worried about Americans"  should Americans even be considering re-electing this worst president ever

Depopulating Asia old doomster predicts where Bush Iraq policy leads to on the Sly Foxx morning show. Republished on many sites; best presentation (links upper right) at Vive Le Canada

Global Scale Problems how Iraq endangers the scientific, multilateral, cooperative path to handling Bottleneck problems: global warming, species extinctrion and severe resource depletion (peak oil)

Global Scale Politics  Iraq as the grab-the-oil policy path and implications for handling the Bottleneck's global scale problems

Remember Nixon so Bush won - now the real fun starts as it did after Tricky Dicky's re-election

That's us under attack in Fallujah the insurgency within the context of a world at the crossroads; excellent quotes

All For Oil   why the US will not leave Iraq; why to expect the worst from the second Bush admin

A War of Self-Defense or a War of Self-Interest Kofi Annan and Iraq as far more than just a technically illegal war

Bush in Canada: A Lingering Impression Bush doublespeak and our common future

On The Beach last day of 04; tsunamis, human complexity, peak oil, futurist understanding

Iraq and Tsunami: Living in Harms Way   'slow motion catastrophes' threaten global societal collapse

Peak Oil: Time to Get Serious what we can do instead of taking the resource war path

Market Failure: Global Warming and Peak Oil new global warming science, oil information transparency and examples of market failure

Beltway Wakes Up to Global Warming and Peak Oil Hirsh DOE report, Geo-Greens, new coal technology and Lester Brown's Plan B

WMDs , Criminality, Peak Oil and Imperialism illegal war: a summing up of what we know

Iraq and World War Three Downing St memo, similarity to Munich in 38, Iran as tripwire

Demand Destruction  America: a profoundly unChristian nation, demand destruction outside Fortress America in the Third World

Motive: America's War Aims   premeditation and motive for war, signal to Russia and China and their reaction

Bringing the Insurgency Home to America insurgency in America against imperialists; America akin to Germany in 30s

Demand Destruction (Sir Bob, Bono and Peak Oil)  energy tsunami aimed at Third World

Illegal War - Final World War? Iraq, America and China

Bob Herbert's OIL AND BLOOD: Illegal War in Iraq  US media (non)coverage of illegal war

Peat Bogs and Peak Oil - I'm sorry for doubting, Mr. President  
runaway global warming and Mr. Bush

Peak oil, Business As Usual, and Katrina  
Peter Singer, E.O. Wilson and William Catton too

Kunstler and Chomsky: Iraq and Peak Oil  two differing American views

Escaping the global warming / peak oil path to extinction

Peak Oil: What We Know Now   

  also at Information Clearing House

Paul Martin: Silence is Appeasement
  Canada's PM doesn't speak out about the Iraq crime

Peak Oil:   Aids, Addiction and Opportune Infections

Enforced Relocalization  
disaster planning for a severe economic dislocation   

Christian Country With Huge Aggressive Military? 
expanding and contracting ethics

The Darwin Award For Self-Extinction Goes To:  nuclear winter, ozone depletion, Overshoot, Bottleneck and runaway global warming

"It's a BLOCKBUSTER!!, Mr. Scorsese"   big producer stars in quiet tragedy

'George, baby, it's time to go'        comedians and churchmen impeach Bush

DEMAND DESTRUCTION - STADIUM   peak oil, pro sports and government planning

Feel the Beat : A Boshian Peak Oil Canvas  the peak oil party crescendo

Runaway Global Warming - Denial   carbon bombs, time lags, methane burps

Terrorists, Occupiers and Chaos   Israel, Palestine, terrorists, Bush Admin and oil

Pragmatists and Heretics - Peak Oil and Runaway Global Warming business as usual or Plan B

Runaway Global Heating    Gore, Lovelock, Hansen and Pearce

Stern, Worm and Pombo: Democratic Control of Congress  congressional oversite: environment and Iraq

Stern, Worm and the Special Committee on Sustainable Aquaculture climate change, fisheries and path dependence

Runaway Climate Change - A Frightening Lack of Leadership RCC summation, Monbiot, Hansen, Wasdell

New Democrats and Crime: Congressional Oversight  new Congress and Bush Admin. crimes

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