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(Bill Henderson has written more than 40 op-eds on the science, politics and hopeful mitigation of runaway climate change over the past 10 years.)


The Darwin Award For Self-Extinction Goes To:
In man's long history - ten thousand years since the innovation of agriculture and civilization; seventy thousand years since the bottleneck where geneticists have determined that only around ten thousand humans out of a global population of tens of millions survived a 'volcanic winter'; and back at least hundreds of thousands of years to taming fire, learning language and the dawn of religion and culture - it has been only in the last century that we have had the ability to alter the surface of the Earth so that human life was in jeopardy.
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Enforced Relocalization
Most relocalization planning (that is available on the net) is for an optimum, sustainable socio-economic configuration after a slow energy descent or powerdown. There seems to be hardly any focus upon forced relocalization as a result of a severe economic dislocation and hence relocalization planning akin to civil defense/disaster emergency preparedness. Enforced relocalization is perhaps the more likely prospect and preparing for conflict during relocalization deserves more attention.
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Escaping The Road To Extinction
Man's exponential increase over the past several centuries will outgrow the planet's carrying capacity, probably in our time. Animal populations that bloom exponentially usually crash. Increasing population armed with powerful technologies will cause severe resource depletion and large scale changes to the biosphere engendering die-off. Famine, disease and most probably war - a final, nuclear, world war? - will be the immediate cause of death for billions of innocents.
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Peat Bogs And Peak Oil - I'm Sorry For Doubting, Mr. President
It took the latest science reports about melting permafrost in Siberian and North American peat bogs and their release of potent supplies of greenhouse gas for me to clue in that you were actually trying to achieve a train wreck in order to forestall possible runaway global warming and other unavoidable global-scale problems associated with our ever expanding global economy.
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Racing To Extinction
Most of us know a little about global warming: the burning of fossil fuels and other side effect products of industrial societies combine to produce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere increasing global mean temperatures leading to heretofore unprecedented climate change.

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Global-Scale Problems
Population growth and energy demand are exhausting the world's fossil energy supplies, some on the timescale of a single human lifespan.
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Depopulating Asia
transcript: Sly Foxx Morning Show,
Robert's Creek Community Radio
Sept 27 04 9:07AM

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