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(Bill Henderson has written more than 40 op-eds on the science, politics and hopeful mitigation of runaway climate change over the past 10 years.)


Too Timid A Response Considering the Climate Change Consequences
The Liberals are proposing a 33% reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from present levels by 2020 but the emerging scientific consensus is that a 90% reduction of GHG emissions is needed by 2030.
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Self-Extinction Is Very Repugnant To Some
Although almost everybody has awoken to the reality of human induced climate change, most inhabitants of infotainment democracies still have only a fuzzy, linear impact, polar bears and glaciers, underappreciation of the seriousness of climate change. Climate change as increasing probability of human extinction doesn't ever even make the top ten Google searches of the week.
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Emissions Reduction - Lessons from Failed Forestry Reform in BC
Canadians woke up to the reality of climate change in 2006. Weird weather and Al Gore's brilliant movie combined to push public opinion over a tipping point and as we start the new year climate change and the environment top the political agenda. But the inconvenient truth is that Canadians are still seriously underestimating the dangers from climate change and seriously over-estimating our ability to make necessary change to limit emissions effectively.
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A Christian 07
Now personally I think the hopeful news story of 06 was the science article about the amazing biotic recovery after the Permian extinction event. Yes it took over 5 million years but then nature in her bounty totally recolonized creation. No matter what damage we do to flora and fauna, forests, fish or flea, given enough time life will spring back. Even from runaway global heating, though humanity may not survive to spring back.
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Stern, Worm And The Special Committee On Sustainable Aquaculture
We have been so successful as a species that, like yeast in fermenting wine, we risk impending massive die-off as our population expansion aided by fossil fuels and technology devours the ecosystem.
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Runaway Climate Change - A Frightening Lack Of Leadership
I've been waiting for some leadership in confronting the intractable problem of making impossibly radical change in developed and developing countries, TODAY, so that the world fifty years from now is still habitable by man and the flora and fauna we now recognize as nature.
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Runaway Global Heating
The big global warming story isn't Americans finally accepting an inconvenient truth. Al Gore makes a brilliant presentation, but the big story is the undeniable impact of a severe, early onset, global heating which only paid deniers now refuse to accept. The emerging science story is the risk of this severe impact creating positive feedback which could ratchet up temperatures higher and faster - maybe 10 degrees and more; within decades, not a century away.
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Pragmatists And Heretics - Peak Oil And Runaway Global Warming
There is no more wicked a heresy today than to suggest that the organic growth of our present economy should be interfered with, should be replaced by a much more planned and regulated economy. Is there a fool who would endanger millions of people's lives arguing for the impossible?
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Runaway Global Warming - Denial
The scientific debate about human induced global warming is over but policy makers - let alone the happily shopping general public - still seem to not understand the scope of the impending tragedy. Global warming isn't just warmer temperatures, heat waves, melting ice and threatened polar bears. Scientific understanding increasingly points to runaway global warming leading to human extinction.
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"It's a BLOCKBUSTER!!, Mr. Scorsese"
Mr. Scorsese, rumour has it that you will always consider a screenplay: Mine is tentatively titled THE DARWIN AWARDS:
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