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(Bill Henderson has written more than 40 op-eds on the science, politics and hopeful mitigation of runaway climate change over the past 10 years.)


A Climate Change Wiki
Climate change is now acknowledged as the biggest market failure ever and we will not reach agreement let alone take precautionary action without global consensus, without innovation.
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Naive Or Cynical: Terminator Tactics In Fighting Climate Change
Climate change is non-linear with carbon cycle time delays and with potential thresholds to dangerous climate change of immediate concern, then the proposed California climate change program is most important as an illusion of solution that mis-informs the public about the degree of mitigating change necessary.
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Demand Destruction - Market Failure
Stern and others have pointed out that markets for coal, then oil and gas never quantified or priced their greenhouse gas emissions. As the potential serious consequences of climate change are now being understood, this externality can now be considered the biggest market failure ever.
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Runaway Climate Change: An Obesity Analogy
So why are we still doing next to nothing as greenhouse gas emissions skyrocket? Why after two decades of procrastination are we now only aiming at woefully inadequate emission targets? At impotent caps and emission trading?
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Tracking Dangerous Climate Change This Week
The turn it around within a decade, 2 degrees imperative seems to be sinking in, but, for the moment, at the government level, only as a lofty European goal to be rejected by the White House and sycophants.
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Electing Gore - Non-Linear Climate Change Politics
Climate change is a problem that requires the US, China, Russia, India and each and every other country in the world working together for solution. But America was the leader in developing our present fossil fueled global economy and of necessity must lead in innovating the next, non-carbon emitting, economy.
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Dangerous Climate Change: Eco-Fascism
Eco-fascism - is it possible that soon a government will introduce Draconian regulations in an effort to avert dangerous (runaway or abrupt) climate change against the wishes of the majority of the population?
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The relocalization of sport
David Suzuki will be guest editor for the whole Vancouver Sun on Saturday May 5th. Dr. Suzuki has always been an eloquent voice in the vanguard of environmental education. He is as knowledgeable about the 'slow motion catastrophes' threatening mankind's very existence as anybody on the planet.
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The 450ppm, 2 Degrees, Change Now Imperative
Because business and our governments are in second-stage, containment-strategy, climate change denial. Because public perception of the severity of danger from climate change as well as the possible toolkit of mitigating options is being managed so as not to pose any challenge to the primacy of business as usual.
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The Church Of Business
If greenhouse gas emissions from our global business as usual are not reduced substantially - by 90% by 2030 in the emerging consensus - human induced climate change will raise mean global temperature by more than two degrees from pre-industrial times. Which could lead to the release of presently safely sequestered carbon bombs and other positive feedback or runaway climate change.
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