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(Bill Henderson has written more than 40 op-eds on the science, politics and hopeful mitigation of runaway climate change over the past 10 years.)


Three Immediate Crises - Market Failure And Green New Deal
We face three crises each of which needs mitigation immediately. Three crises that we should have been taking measures to mitigate over the past several decades.
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Tom Friedman: Climate Change, BAU, And Toxic Securities
Friedman's construct 'global weirding'- remember his 'golden straightjacket' and 'thundering herd' - is his attempt to move his readers past the conventional wisdom of climate change as a gradual warming over a century (which might even be beneficial if you are a golfer in Minnesota). Friedman knows about abrupt climate change science. He knows that Hansen et el have postulated that the unpredicted and unprecedented Arctic Melt is a tipping point to irreversible, runaway warming (or at least an increasingly high probability of going over such a tipping point given climate change time lags and latent positive feedbacks).
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Hansen's Climate Change And The Mobilization Solution
Earth's climate is now over a tipping point that with expected latent positive feedbacks is potentially leading to warming beyond human control and a future climate fiercely inhospitable to humanity.
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A Hopeful 08: Impeachment And Climate Change
Doing nothing given the overwhelming evidence of criminality will further corrode respect for law, government, and the Constitution within the United States.
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The 08 Challenge
The challenge in 08 becomes winning a mandate for almost impossible systemic change in a United States still in ideological thrall to failing markets.
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A Christmas Present - Something You Can Do For Your Kids
It's life and death for your kids, for your grandchildren. Promise them you will work hard so that they will have a safe future.
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Off course again
Bill Henderson remembers the time the herring boat he was on went off course in strange waters in the middle of the night. He was furious then at those who allowed the boat to drift into danger, and he's furious now.
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Climate Change Leadership
Climate change danger and needed mitigation is a life and death issue dwarfing every other campaign issue combined.
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Escaping BAU - 450ppm, 2 Degrees C, Change Now
Avoiding possible latent positive feedback that could lead to runaway climate change, for avoiding an apocalyptic situation where climate change was no longer within our control.
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The climate change challenge cup
Australia is on the front line of climate change: climate change effects have been more severe and the public is more knowledgeable about climate change than in most other nations.
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