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(Bill Henderson has written more than 40 op-eds on the science, politics and hopeful mitigation of runaway climate change over the past 10 years.)


Climate Change Realism And Hope - A Path To Success At Copenhagen
Copenhagen is looking increasingly like failure to agree upon a world saving but presently impossible global plan for action on climate change.
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Climate Change And The 2010 Olympics
Somewhere, sometime soon, a political leader is going to be pushed across the Rubicon to actually doing something commensurate with the real climate change danger. He or she will shut down their coal or dirty oil industries or introduce Draconian rationing or form a wartime-style coalition government to proactively re-configure their economy.
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Climate Change: Get Smarter: Turbocharging Democracy Online
Can we innovate to turbocharge democracy for sustaining humanity on our small blue planet?.
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Waxman-Markey is not nearly good enough
China and the developing world are watching the US to see if it is serious about combatting climate change. Waxman-Markey sends a clear signal: not very.
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Copenhagen: Slipping Past A Tipping Point
The opportunity to build a global treaty at Copenhagen in December to mitigate climate change is slipping away as the US once again refuses to recognize the seriousness of this humanity threatening problem and refuses to lead in taking necessary mitigation steps in reducing their own emissions.
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President Obama Announces Climate Change Investigation
I want to announce a process that will hopefully get all Americans on the same page about the danger we face - or don't face - from climate change.
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Message To Cathy And Repower America: Green Power Is Not A Climate Change Solution
Hey Cathy Zoi and Repower America, climate change is an immediate tipping point danger. There is no time to develop green power as a mitigation solution. 7% of the world's population (us) are causing this humanity threatening problem. We need to get serious about climate change, seek treatment for our addictions and radically reduce our emissions.
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Copenhagen And Beyond: Climate Change Is An Emergency
The inherently conservative IPCC report was already outdated on release. There was emerging science warning about a much more serious and immediate climate change danger.
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Climate Code Red - Telling The Truth To Power
Climate Code Red was the most important single document published on climate change in 2008. Because climate change is now understood to be of humanity threatening seriousness and a crisis that needs emergency action immediately. Climate Code Red has to be considered as the most important document on any subject published this year.
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It's Not Just The Economy Stupid
But the economy is just one of a multiplying series of crises that each need urgent action from governments. The economy is just our major preoccupation.
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