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By Bill Henderson

25 Feb., 2010

to: Alun Anderson, former editor-in-chief, New Scientist and author of: After The Ice: Life, Death and Politics in the New Arctic .

Hello Mr. Anderson, saw your brilliant response to the Climategate question in The Ecologist:

There is one wonderful project I mention in the book - the SEARCH  programme for sea ice in which every year scientists say at the beginning of the year how much sea ice they think will be left at the end of the summer. Month by month they revise their predictions, they explain why they're revising them.

All the discussion is on a website open to the public - transparent, how scientists think, when they get things wrong, how they deal with error. That's the way to go and not more and more exchanges of emails between people who think they're battling the world. I think that's completely wrong.

and thought you might be interested in a similar means of innovating science process somewhere between the Climate Collaboratorium and iPhone App: Science vs Scepticism:

Climate Change: Get Smarter: Turbocharging Democracy Online

Thanks for your insight, going to get your book and thanks for your time,

Bill, Gibsons, BC


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