"It's a BLOCKBUSTER!!, Mr. Scorsese"
By Bill Henderson

29 April, 2006

Mr. Scorsese,

rumour has it that you will always consider a screenplay:

Mine is tentatively titled THE DARWIN AWARDS:

The main character is a successful movie producer who happens to read a book on climate change. Given the 30 to 40 year time lag, the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere already, and the positive feedback addition of stored greenhouse gases such as methane from melting permafrost, he realizes that humanity has already committed accidental self-extinction through runaway global warming.

He goes into a rage against the Bigtime movers and shakers he knows - but they ignore him because they're obsessed with the money race they're running. He tries to get his politico friends to listen - but they're not interested cause there is no upside and way too much negativity.

Finally, he realizes that there is nothing he can do, that his kids and grandchildren and all he's ever worked for are toast, and so he gives up and goes back to making movies, now about how light flickering in the cave reminds him of his youth. Sort of a bittersweet black comedy.

What do you think?



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